The Beginning of Home

We officially own our first home.  The past few months have been a whirlwind. We had been following the market and doing our own independent research on surrounding areas, mortgages, and all the not so fun but crucial pieces to buying your first home for quite some time, but once we began working with an agent it seemed we found our perfect home in a snap.  Not to say we jumped, we had our specifications ready – we knew our requirements and we had a wish list of the ‘nice-to-haves’. As fate would have it a house came on in one of the best neighborhoods in town with not only all the requirements but ALL of the wishes. Nevertheless, here we are today as I’m typing away in our office looking out into our yard.  I forgot what grass was like living in an apartment. I even forgot it grows until it dawned on us a week in that we needed a mower.

To take a few steps back and bring you into our thought process we began to realize that this is the place we want to settle – we love our town, we’re now stable in our careers, and who would have thought this teeny tiny apartment is a little cramped with both of us. When we began the search we had some pretty basic requirements – 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, quiet street, and a double wide driveway. Those sound insanely common but the room for two cars was absolutely crucial and, in our area, not a given. We had already dealt with having a single wide driveway and playing the ‘car-swap’ game of having to back one car out to get to the other and we were sick to death of it. One of our other requirements was also having a second living space. This could be a finished basement or family room in addition to a formal living room to give space for an office. What also helped is that we generally knew the one town we wanted.  At the very beginning of the search we were open to a few others as well but the more we looked the more we realized how much we absolutely love where we currently rent and want to stay here for the long haul. On our wishlist was a fenced yard, sunroom, office, central air, mud room, 2 car garage, walk in closets, and 2.5 baths. My mentality was I never expected to have all of those features but would love to have at least a couple.

As we looked and oohed and ahhed at house after house we had a few we thought we loved and even put a deposit down on one (we then withdrew). Then this baby was reduced and brought into our price range. Not only did this little lady fit our requirements but she filled EVERY wish. There is a catch though, right? There is always a catch (sort of). At that time we had an offer in on a beautiful home, it fit the requirements and was recently renovated and stunning.  It was smaller, only had a couple of the wishes, and was more expensive.  The toss up was the bigger home that we won’t grow out of, in a better neighborhood, but needs some loving. Take a wild guess what a wannabe interior designer (in my dream world) chose?

It’s like the previous owners took a prism to Home Depot and said give me a gallon of each color. From the yellow, blue, and pink bathrooms to the periwinkle kitchen, dark teal bedroom, and neon pink bedroom, you can taste the colors of the rainbow. The floors are worn, the kitchen is 1980s glam, and each door has a different knob. ALL THE MORE FUN! My mind doesn’t stop churning with ideas, I have to pace myself.

Welcome to my marathon of home renovation.


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