Progress: Painting the Interior Doors

interior doors

Next project, step right up. All the trim in the house is white as well as the second floor doors.  The first floor interior doors though were left the bare wood.  The doors in our home are hollow core without any panels so this is a faster, easier update job than if we were painting the classic 6 panel doors. Down the line we will most likely update them to the paneled doors but, welcome to the real world of prioritizing projects, our bank accounts are not bottomless. These last 4.5 doors (one of them is painted white on one side already) will bring cohesion and brighten up the first floor hall.

paint doors

At first when we moved in, I was a little irritated the sellers left every paint color they ever used in the basement. I mean every. paint can. EVER. used.  This included the bucket of samples. Since paint cans cannot be thrown out it required a couple trips to the public works department to clear out the clutter. Before I did this though, I took inventory of the colors used so I knew exactly what colors were used in each room.  So, when I just had these last doors to finish up to match the rest of the house I was glad I didn’t have to guess at matching. If it was the tiniest bit different it would drive me nuts. Luckily, I had the gallon to compare!

Note: Paint is hazardous to be thrown out.  Some states, including Connecticut where we are, have teamed up with PaintCare Inc. to provide drop off locations. A small fee is added to paint purchases to make the recycling drop off free. If your state is not on this list, visit your Public Works department website for information on how to dispose properly.

behr semi gloss

The trim was painted in Behr Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel in Ultra Pure White. Yep, the gallon you walk in, grab off the shelf, and walk out. I know what you’re thinking, typically you don’t just use the off the shelf white for trim without mixing for a specific color. Not only do I not want to repaint the entire house a slightly different shade but I’m surprised how much I like it.  The crisp white really complements the light grey throughout.

Instead of taking the doors off the hinges and lining them up in the garage, I kept them hanging and taped the plastic drop cloth to the floors making sure it went the entire radius of the door (if the door is opened all the way and closed, plastic is protecting the floor from drips). I also taped around the hardware. Funny thing, this shoe rack is on almost every closet door in the house.  We don’t even own that many shoes. Needless to say, I may not be putting it back up after painting.

interior doors

Next, the exciting part! Lightly sand the door with a high grit sand paper (I used 150) to remove any little bumps and irregularities. Since this paint includes the primer, the first coat is the primer coat too.  I used a 3/8 inch nap roller to get the paint on the door but then followed with one straight stroke with the paintbrush to remove the texture the roller leaves. You can see the difference in the picture below.  On the right I already followed with the paint brush, on the left is how the roller path looks. You want to follow immediately before the paint starts to dry and gets tacky at all.  I found that rolling half the door vertically then using the paintbrush worked for me. Another important trick is when you use the paintbrush go from top to bottom in one straight line so you don’t see the spot where you stopped and started.

interior doors

Annndd here is the one coat progress! It’s exciting just seeing the color come and it has already made such a difference in brightening the hallway. The full reveal once all the coats are set and dry coming later this week!

interior doors


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