The Nightstands’ Second Chance at Life

Hello you poor, sweet nightstand (and your partner). My mom moved into a new home and the prior owners left some pieces of furniture, including a pair of nightstands.  I had a set of nightstands on my list of pieces to hunt for to redo and these just fell into my lap. These were perfect – very classic, simple lines, and deep drawers.  Bonus that we had a matching pair.

I knew I wanted my bedroom shades of black, white, and grey with pops of color.  Since these are just a laminate material and not real wood I used this black latex paint. Latex paints are super convenient to use, they go on smoothly and make brush cleaning a snap with just soap and water.

Black Latex paint

The drawer pulls were boring, I wanted a little more spice, especially since the rest of the nightstand is very simple.  Hobby Lobby has a fantastic in-store selection and an enormous one online.  These were perfect to pull in the grey part of my color scheme and have a classic elegance to them. The crackle is a bit more pronounced in person and nicely picks up the grey tones.




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