Living Room Progress

living room

The living room is making great progress and has the biggest purchases done.  Other than a couple minor renovations, it just needs the finishing touches like art, curtains, mantel decor, etc. This room has phenomenal natural light but is an awkward shape.  It is narrow and has two doorways which restrict where the couch could be. The space between the doorways narrowed down our couch search greatly as most were longer and would have hung over the door frame.  No bueno. We eventually found this sectional at Jordan’s Furniture and it had a more modern flair with the track arms and fit the dimensions we needed.

Rug update: I am only falling deeper in love with my jute rug daily.  I stand there and just admire it. If I could sleep on it I would.

living room


living room

Future Plans


Mantel Decor – These items are renting space for now to avoid a totally empty area, except for the mirror.  I want to add more height and greenery.

Tile – Down the line, we will rip up the old brick red color tile.  Since it is such a small space and won’t break the bank I would love marble to lighten up the space and add a classic touch.  The inside of the fireplace needs to be repainted to add a crisp finish.  All this needs to wait though until we have the chimney work completed.

Blank Spaces Galore!

Above the couch, this Ikea print is holding the space to prevent blank walls as well. I created a New York City series in my gallery wall post of meaningful photographs.  I plan to choose three of those and blow them up in black frames above the couch to add a personal touch.

The coffee table, though I love the design, needs to be finished on the top.  We noticed one drop of water soaked in practically immediately and left a stain so we have been super careful since. Going forward we have to finish it though because with having guest over it is just bound to have a bigger spill. Once I do finish this I will plan out how it will be designed and what pieces I’ll use on it.

I picked up the side table from Target the other day and it fits perfectly next to the sectional. Once again (common theme) I plan to restyle it and remove the hot pink flower for a natural green to calm it.  Gold accents will absolutely begin to be added to the room though so this table is starting off as a great anchor.

Finally, behind the piano. Is this wall BEGGING for art or what? Honestly, still brainstorming how to use style this but it is most certainly on the list.


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  1. Oooo oooo! I saw “Ikea print” and I gotta share, instead of getting rid of it consider repainting it! It’s kinda like a free large not-so-blank canvas. We painted over a couple of ours and we were like WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS SOONER. Cheap acrylic does the trick 🙂 Not to be all linky, but if you want to see how ours turned out here they are:

  2. PS- got excited about the Ikea print and forgot to say LOVE how the room is turning out. I’m always a sucker for grays, whites, and natural textures. Also that piano is gorgeous. For the wall behind it, since you’re planning on a gallery wall behind the couch maybe a few large scale abstract paintings to balance? Or maybe no art… maybe that wall becomes an accent wall with wallpaper (there are so many cute ones right now)

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