IKEA Malm & Using Contact Paper

Living in an apartment, being smart about storage is key to being able to maintain a clean clutter free space. I went the atypical route in creating a space to get ready and chose to use a dresser instead of a vanity/desk and a cube seat that has more storage inside. This Ikea Malm dresser is the perfect height for me to sit at and has three deep drawers to store products. Being Ikea, it also has plenty of ways to customize.

how to use marble contact paper

I added the knobs a little while ago (here is a similar style) and decided to add a little more personality with marble contact paper.  I was hesitant at first that marble contact paper would look like marble contact paper so I looked a bit for great reviews and gave this one a shot.

During the contact paper application I forgot for a second this was an $8 roll of sticky paper and not open heart surgery.  If I messed up, no big deal.  Here are tips for application I found most useful.


Cut an extra half inch or so on each side.  The paper is forgiving to a point.  If you stick it down in the wrong place, you can pull it back up once maybe twice and it will be fine.  Eventually though, it will start to stretch out and possibly tear.  If you cut it to the exact dimension of the surface you are covering it is difficult to put that first corner down in the exact right spot so by the time you put the whole piece down it isn’t crooked. I allowed extra on each side to allow for a little give and trimmed the excess off with an X-Acto knife at the end.

As you SLOWLY adhere the sticky side to your surface, use a book to smooth out the bubbles. This is similar to putting a screen protector on your phone and using a credit card to smooth it down. The key is to be patient and go slowly and consistently.

Stop and cut off some of the backing of what as already been put down occasionally. As the paper sticks to your surface and you peel more backing away, it starts to get in your way. It helped to occasionally stop and cut off that extra backing so I would not have so much paper in my way.

Cut an extra strip for the front edge. This is more by preference.  You can cut a piece that will fit just the top dimensions but I preferred to cover the edges too so it looked more like a slab of marble (fake it ’til you make it). When I measured the length I needed I included the two side edges to wrap around and then at the end I cut a strip wider than the front panel and trimmed it down with the blade again.


Items pictured: Glass tray $.50 at a garage sale, glass brush/makeup holders candle jars re-purposed here, Ikea Vanity Mirror, HomeGoods for the flower, Michael’s for the necklace holder, Ikea Malm dresser.


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