How to Reuse Candle Jars

RIP favorite candles.  It’s a sad day when I light a candle and it immediately goes out when it hits the end of the wick.  It’s definitely a state of denial, when I light it deep down I know it’ll go out immediately but I want to pretend it’s not true.  But then reality hits and I know I need to restock.  On the bright side I have pretty new jars. In a few minutes you can clean out the wax and reuse candle jars around your home. This is a great way to save money and add really simple, classic looking storage to your home. Candle jars tend to be much better quality glass than any glass jars you can get at a bargain store so it’s a win win!

Reuse candle jars

This could possible be the easiest, most foolproof DIY I have done.  Pop those candle jars in the freezer for a day or so (or about three days if you’re like me and forgot you put them there).  When you take them out use a sharp knife around the edge to carefully start removing the wax from the glass.  If you take the knife around the sides it should start to pop out in big chunks.


While cutting the wax out, heat up a pot of water.  You will have a few pieces of wax shards left in the jars.  Place the jars in the sink and pour the hot water into them.  The wax pieces immediately come off.  Let the jars sit for a few minutes or until they are cool enough to touch with your hands to dump the water out.  By having the hot water sit a few minutes it also helps makes the stickers peel off easily.  After that you can wash the jars with soap and water and let dry as normal.

I plan to use these two as makeup brush holders on my vanity. They would add a lovely, simple element in a bathroom to hold q-tips or cotton balls as well.



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