1600s Barn & Making a Wall Hanging Bottle Opener

bottle opener

I posted a picture on Instagram (here) about barn wood I was given a few days ago.  The history behind the wood is fascinating.  I knew this was one of the oldest farms in town from the 1600s but only recently did I learn more.  This barn is the oldest in Connecticut, one of the 10 oldest in the US, and was a part of the Underground Railroad.  They have now started restoring it and since not all the wood can be salvaged, the owner showed me the pile of what was not being used. Picture the face of a movie character opening up a long lost treasure chest. That was me.  My main plan is to make a bookshelf so I have measured, cut, and cleaned the wood.  I had one piece leftover and, in the meantime before building the bookshelf, decided to make it into a wall bottle opener.

I don’t plan on staining the bookshelf but stained this piece to match the kitchen cart that it will be near the same walnut stain. Amazon has a huge selection of bottle openers including some really intricate ones, I decided to go with a simple classic as to not take away from the wood.

Next, I stopped at Michael’s on an unrelated trip and saw the perfect bucket to attach (similar one here). I used picture hanging wire and an eye hook to create a loop to hang the bucket in so it can easily be removed to be emptied. The wire also worked best to keep the bucket from falling too far forward and preventing a bottle top from falling directly into it, versus if I had hung it off one of the handles.

reclaimed wood


bottle opener

By the way, bonus find at Michael’s are these letters on sale this week. I used them on the opposite wall of the bottle opener to complement the galvanized bucket.

metal letters



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