Home Updates (plus a new rug!)

Built in before

Exciting things happening this week with more home updates! Although the living room is far from done decor wise (nothing on the walls or surfaces really) it has a cozy couch, rug, and coffee table. Finally having a place to curl up and relax is what is making this house a home.

The coffee table we found on World Market was delivered yesterday. It adds a beautiful natural feel with the wood but has clean lines and metal accents to add a contemporary touch. It’s large at 46″ x 28″ so it fits well for our sectional (more to come) but allows plenty of space for a vignette and function. No fun to design a layout on a tabletop but have to move it if you’re hosting guests and need room for drinks and a cheese plate.

Cameron Coffee Table

My biggest win this week in purchases is this 8×10 jute rug from Overstock for only $188! Honestly, that price for such a large size is unheard of so I was a little hesitant what the quality would be like. I took the leap after reading reviews and could not be happier I did. It was delivered this morning and I can’t stop staring adoringly. I’m so in love.  Some of the reviews noted that it smells at first but ours had only the slightest scent and with the windows open for a breeze a few hours later I smell nothing at all.

I knew I wanted to stay in the natural tones for a rug and was doing my research between jute and sisal.  From what I can find, lifestyle seems to be the deciding factor. Jute is much softer but more delicate to care for. This rug also has loops that, from reading reviews, seem like they can be delicate if this is in in a high traffic area. Households with children or dogs (their nails may harm the loops) may want to stick with either sisal or a tighter woven jute.  In our case though, just the two of us no children or pets, this jute rug is soft on our feet and perfectly thick. It completely pulls together the room and contrasts beautifully with our gray couch.

(Note this is the advertisement picture not my house)

Jute rug

In news other than the purchases, I started updating the two matching dining room built ins. I have taken the doors off and am painting over red color above with a deep gray to showcase decor when styled.  The bottom cabinets will get new knobs to replace the current white ones. Finished product coming soon!

Enjoy the long holiday weekend – an added day for more home DIY!


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