Half Bath Makeover (Budget Version!)

mini half bath makeover

Sayonara yellow walls! I have completed the mini half bath makeover on our first floor.  In addition to the glaring change of the paint color I also removed the toilet paper holder and the second towel bar and fixed some rough spots in the wall that drove me nuts.

half bath


I had an awesome starting point that the vanity, toilet, and lighting fixture were new and had a modern flair.  The vanity is the Godmorgon style from Ikea.  I am not sure of the exact lighting fixture, but this Ikea Alang style is very close.  I also got lucky that the sellers left a fresh unopened gallon of Behr Silver Polish, the matching paint to the living room and master bedroom.

Behr Silver Polish


The eyesore I absolutely could not live with was the in the wall white metal toilet paper holder.  Not only did I not like the style but it was not functional because a new toilet paper roll did not fit in it.  You had to use about a quarter of it before you could hook it in, leaving an ugly roll just sitting on the counter until then.  Not going to fly. I first used a razor blade to loosen around the edges to and then a flat head screwdriver to gently pry open to see what I was working with. Welcome to the entrance to Narnia.

in wall toilet paper holder

I’m not sure what came over me once I opened this – I was just so in the home renovation mental zone that I did not take any pictures of how to fix this wall but never fear! It’s easy, I promise! This YouTube video does a great job walking through the tutorial.  It sounds scarier than it is but basically make the hole as square as you can with a drywall saw and cut a piece of drywall to fit inside the hole. A small piece of drywall is super cheap, only $5 at Home Depot and I have plenty leftover for future projects. You want to find a small piece of wood to place behind the wall for something to screw the drywall patch into.  Once you have that in the wall use joint tape and putty around the edges (described in this post).  It may take a couple times applying putty and sanding until you get an even surface ready to paint over.

Toilet paper holder

To match the other chrome accessories already in the bath I picked up this at Home Depot as well as the mirror (looks to be an in store find, I don’t see it online).  On the opposite wall, I removed the second towel bar.  With this only being a half bath, I saw no need of having two towel bars, especially since it was in the middle of the wall blocking prime wall decor space.  For how to remove a wall anchor without destroying your wall (don’t pull it straight out!) read this post.

Future State

There are still a few finishing touches I want to add before I would consider this half bath 100% complete. I’d like to add trim on the ceiling and caulk the trim on the floor where there is the slightest gap between the wall (it’s all in the details, my friends). I also want to add art to the blank wall opposite the toilet. I am debating using the New York City series I did for the personal gallery wall post here but I would switch out the gold frames for black.  I have been longing for some art from Minted, but that may wait in account of controlling the budget.  That’s the beauty of home decor though – evolution.  It can always be changed down the road. Long term, I would like to also replace the flooring with a higher quality.  It is currently a peel and stick tile the previous owners chose.  The colors work well and it’s new-ish so for now it works and is not a priority.

In other news – we have somewhere to sit finally! The couch was delivered 2 weeks early which was a great surprise.  We have lived in the office and bedroom since the living room has only has a piano and boxes.  I can’t wait to start bringing the living room to life.


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