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In my opinion, what makes a blog great is the writer’s ability to not only convey their ideas clearly with a specific goal but they are also able to write in a way that makes you feel like you are chatting with a close friend one on one. I follow blogs with home, DIY, food, style, and beauty themes.  I look for bloggers that have a sense of humor and can really allow you to step into their world as you read the post. Below are my top 5 blogs bookmarked and frequently visited. Note: I also follow all the bloggers below on various social media apps – follow along on Instagram and Snapchat too!

Young House Love

If you enjoy reading home and DIY blogs, this one is a given.  Sherry and John Petersik have absolutely won the home blogging game.  These two are hysterical to read. I have a friend crush on them – does that exist? They have proven that you do not need experience to tackle home renovation. Their blog is an encyclopedia of DIY, home decor, and home improvement with easy to follow guides to learn yourself.  Although they have tamed down the blogging game (they have stepped into authoring books and designing home lines at various stores), they have recently launched a podcast which is just as much of a hit to listen to. If you have been living under a rock and have not heard of them you need to check them out now.

Young House Love


Style by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has one impressive resume – author, TV star, and owner of a design firm. She has an eclectic, fun taste and shares tons of insider tips and tricks to get the home of your dreams on your own budget. Emily has a professional perspective as she has made a career out of design but is so approachable and enthusiastic about helping make everyone’s home their best space.

Chris Loves Julia

I just love relatable bloggers.  Chris and Julia Marcum are another couple, similar to Young House Love, that began blogging about their own adventures in home renovation and have organically grown a large following and have moved into the podcast world now too.



Orlando Soria.  He is on here for slightly different reasons.  Although I do read his blog, the absolute must read is his Instagram too.  Each and every post is absolutely hysterical and, obviously, he is a phenomenal career designer as well.


On a different note, Maskcara is my go to for hair and beauty advice.  Starting out making Youtube how-to videos and blogging about tips and her favorite products, Cara has blown up and now has her own makeup line.  Her hair and makeup tutorials are so well done and easy to follow.

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