Decorating with Fake Flowers

fake flowers

A little green works wonders to bring life into your home. In a perfect world we all have English gardens in our backyard and fresh cut flowers last months.  I just double checked and I still don’t have a garden or even a backyard to this apartment (shucks) and I don’t want to throw money out replacing fresh flowers every week. For all those living the hard reality with me, we are in luck because fake flowers can still look fantastic.

The pictures above are my favorite finds that I have used to brighten up my own home. I love how you can find fake flowers already in a pretty glass vase or pot.  They are all over places like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Ikea and Hobby Lobby.  You can also find stemmed ones to use your own containers and add some resin for fake water (yes this is a real thing).

Tip: High quality fake flowers can get a bit expensive, if you have a Michael’s or JoAnn’s craft stores near you they almost always have 40% or 50% coupons available.

Here are some ideas to drive the inspiration train:



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