Curtains on a Budget & How to Customize

Adding curtains to a room seems to instantly pull it together.  Although they can absolutely skyrocket in price for custom draperies, there are a ton of affordable options that are easily attainable. Instead of searching for that perfect pattern to match an already completed room, one of the best ways to finish it off and stay in a budget is to go neutral, solid, and classic.  This way, if you DO want to use a pattern down the line you can always move the neutral curtains to another room and you aren’t lost with curtains you can’t use anywhere else.

My go-to is a long white curtain and black hardware.  Long, white curtains immediately brighten a room and add a soft, flowy, classic touch.  Believe me though, they are NOT boring, as you can see below.


Source – Magnolia


Source – City Farmhouse


Source – Domino

DIY Customization

Solid white curtains a little too bland for you? Spice them up too! Sew a black ribbon down the edge to emulate the modern touch in the Studio McGee design.


Source – Studio McGee

… or black pom-poms from Chris Loves Julia


Source – Chris Loves Julia

My point? White curtains can be dressed up, dressed down, re-used, customized, etc.  The possibilities are endless and they are the easiest curtains to find on a budget.

Here are some budget options at Walmart, Target, and Ikea.


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