6 Ideas for your Chalk Paint Project

chalk paint

I’ll admit I am the worst DIYer at finishing one project before I start another.  Most times the reason I end up finishing one is because I have run out of space or I get the “Soo do you plan on moving this half painted, taken apart piece of furniture out from the middle of the living room any time soon?” from my boyfriend. My brain interprets that as “dear lord please finish one thing.” I definitely need the push.  Currently, spread out in this little apartment is an adorable little end table that has been stripped and is ready for painting and a disassembled barn door planks ready to be rebuilt yet I’m still scoping out my next plan of attack.  My brain has severe DIY ADD and while I love seeing a finished product I might love brainstorming my next project more. Alas, my friends, in my search of ideas for chalk paint I’ll tell you it is a very good thing I don’t own this apartment and can’t change the kitchen or bathroom or we would have much bigger in-process projects all at once.  Check out these 10 ideas for your chalk paint project to get those creative juices flowing – it isn’t just for furniture!

chalk paint

1. Bathroom Vanity

Source: Liz Marie Blog


2. Baskets

Source: Maison Decor

chalk paint

3. Vases

Source: Green Table Gifts

chalk paint

4. Dresser

Source: Urban Patina

video tutorial

5. Dresser with bonus video tutorial!

Source: Pretty Distressed

chalk paint, kitchen

6. Dream kitchen.  Like I said, REALLY good thing I don’t have the option to rip apart my own right now…

Source: Our Vintage Home Love


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