The Free Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Set is Here!!!

Mrs. Meyer's

One of the most important causes to my heart is the environment. I try my best to recycle as much as I can, reduce any waste, and remove as many chemicals as possible from my daily life.  I’ve written before here and here that my favorite company is Grove Collaborative for their mission on saving the environment and providing households with affordable options for home and beauty eco-friendly options.  Not only is their mission amazing, their dedication to customer satisfaction is OUT OF THIS WORLD.  I’m a die-hard fan.  Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled to announce their limited edition Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Set is being offered for free for new customers!!

What You Get:

Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Hand Soap
Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Dish Soap
Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Multi-Surface Spray
Grove Collaborative Bubble Up
Free Shipping & VIP Trial

Mrs. Meyer's

What To Do:

Between now and November 21st, click here to redeem your offer as a new customer with a $20 minimum purchase.  The set itself sells for over $30 so it’s a huge savings as you can see below.  Grove will automatically suggest what you may want to try to make the $20 minimum but you don’t have to purchase what’s in your cart – it’s only an idea to help.  You are more than welcome to remove the suggestions and shop on your own. Just round up what you need in the house quick – whether it’s toilet paper, body wash, or bathroom cleaner and add that to your cart.

Mrs. Meyer's

Here is what will automatically be in your cart when you redeem the offer.  Full disclosure – those tissues are next to me as I type and those Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent packs? Washing through a cycle in the kitchen right now. The Walnut Scrubber Sponges? On the sink. I truly love the products Grove Collaborative has.

Grove Collaborative

I can’t even take how much I love the holiday season.  I’m one of those people that is decorating before Thanksgiving so to continue with my holiday theme I have the peppermint scent dish soap and hand soaps already out.  I already used the Mrs. Meyer’s soaps but had to stash the standard scents under the sink for now and whip out the swoon worthy peppermint scent to get in the holiday spirit.

Mrs. Meyer's

This is an amazing offer from an amazing company.  I currently subscribe to their VIP program that they are letting new customers try for free as a part of their holiday generosity.  As a VIP, you never pay for shipping AND you get free gifts 5 times a year of full size products to try.  Last month, I got the Acure Organics – Foaming Shaving Gel and the shipment before was the Mrs. Meyer’s Bar Soap.

Mrs. Meyer's

However, since all good things must come to an end, keep in mind the offer ends November 21st. So make sure to click HERE to claim yours.

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Dining Room Built Ins Do-Over

built ins before

Since living here, our dining room has been all but ignored.  We moved in, plopped any dining room related items in there, and occasionally walk through on our way to another room.  We never sit down to eat dinner there together, probably because we never had a dining room table to use so we’re just not in that habit. I would really love to have this space finished to at least the functional point for now to have dinner, guests over, game nights, and as a table for projects. Another piece of the puzzle is to refinish the table and add the leaf since it’s a bit small for now, but more to come on that in the future.

The dining room built ins were an adorable add to two front corners of the room with an over-sized window between. They were, however, a little dated and had a lovely dark pepto bismol like color.

Built ins Built ins

First things first I removed the doors from the built ins for an updated feel. I used a wood filler like this one to fill in the holes where the hinges had been.  After that dried I sanded it down to create a smooth finish ready for paint. At first I actually planned to paint the inside of the built ins white but after two coats it just wasn’t feeling right.  There was something about it that I just wasn’t crazy about. No time lost though because the white acted as a primer over that dark pink anyway. After looking around for inspiration I decided to go a deep grey for some drama with white shelves. Luckily, that dark grey on the bottom half of the walls below was still in a can in the basement with the date on it – only three months old, still useable. I don’t want the cabinets to match the walls but I also don’t like the contrasting wall colors either. I plan to change the walls in the future, perhaps white on the bottom with moulding. For now though, I’ll deal with the matching since it saved a few bucks by using paint we already had.

When all was said and done I added in some of my favorite pieces – antique books and a Singer sewing machine. I wanted to change the handle on the bottom portion of the built ins but for the life of me could not get the knob off.  It had been painted over many many times and would not budge with razors, wrenches, you name it.  So I decided to wave the white flag and just spray paint it gold for now.  Maybe someday in the future I’ll wage a war on it again and have some luck.

_mg_2170 img_2161


built ins before


Built ins

The Floor Lamp Conundrum

living room

Sometimes I make things way more difficult than they should be. Oops. Some people also think a floor lamp is a floor lamp.  Alas, my friends, ’tis more than that! I have been on the hunt for the perfect floor lamp to place on the right side of the couch to balance the side table and provide light on the darker side of the room. The couch will be moved over a tad to the left to center on the wall and the floor lamp will go on it’s back side. My aim is to provide a perfect reading lamp to snuggle up in the couch corner and gentle warm lighting at night.

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Curtains on a Budget & How to Customize

Adding curtains to a room seems to instantly pull it together.  Although they can absolutely skyrocket in price for custom draperies, there are a ton of affordable options that are easily attainable. Instead of searching for that perfect pattern to match an already completed room, one of the best ways to finish it off and stay in a budget is to go neutral, solid, and classic.  This way, if you DO want to use a pattern down the line you can always move the neutral curtains to another room and you aren’t lost with curtains you can’t use anywhere else.

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Living Room Progress

living room

The living room is making great progress and has the biggest purchases done.  Other than a couple minor renovations, it just needs the finishing touches like art, curtains, mantel decor, etc. This room has phenomenal natural light but is an awkward shape.  It is narrow and has two doorways which restrict where the couch could be. The space between the doorways narrowed down our couch search greatly as most were longer and would have hung over the door frame.  No bueno. We eventually found this sectional at Jordan’s Furniture and it had a more modern flair with the track arms and fit the dimensions we needed.

Rug update: I am only falling deeper in love with my jute rug daily.  I stand there and just admire it. If I could sleep on it I would.

living room


living room

Future Plans


Mantel Decor – These items are renting space for now to avoid a totally empty area, except for the mirror.  I want to add more height and greenery.

Tile – Down the line, we will rip up the old brick red color tile.  Since it is such a small space and won’t break the bank I would love marble to lighten up the space and add a classic touch.  The inside of the fireplace needs to be repainted to add a crisp finish.  All this needs to wait though until we have the chimney work completed.

Blank Spaces Galore!

Above the couch, this Ikea print is holding the space to prevent blank walls as well. I created a New York City series in my gallery wall post of meaningful photographs.  I plan to choose three of those and blow them up in black frames above the couch to add a personal touch.

The coffee table, though I love the design, needs to be finished on the top.  We noticed one drop of water soaked in practically immediately and left a stain so we have been super careful since. Going forward we have to finish it though because with having guest over it is just bound to have a bigger spill. Once I do finish this I will plan out how it will be designed and what pieces I’ll use on it.

I picked up the side table from Target the other day and it fits perfectly next to the sectional. Once again (common theme) I plan to restyle it and remove the hot pink flower for a natural green to calm it.  Gold accents will absolutely begin to be added to the room though so this table is starting off as a great anchor.

Finally, behind the piano. Is this wall BEGGING for art or what? Honestly, still brainstorming how to use style this but it is most certainly on the list.

Home Updates (plus a new rug!)

Built in before

Exciting things happening this week with more home updates! Although the living room is far from done decor wise (nothing on the walls or surfaces really) it has a cozy couch, rug, and coffee table. Finally having a place to curl up and relax is what is making this house a home.

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Minted Inspiration

I will be totally honest with you, I know nothing about art.  I am a bit ashamed to admit that, but I guess all I can do is grow from that now? Now having the house and feeling semi-adultish (still feel like I’m just faking it real well), naturally I feel like my next step should be to appreciate art and own a few cherished pieces that I feel connected to. Lately I have been perusing Minted and have been going back and forth with photography and abstract paintings.  I am by no means anywhere close to being a photographer, in fact I desperately need to work on that, but in photography I at least understand it a bit more because it feels more tangible.  Looking at abstract art I am just fascinated because I cannot even fathom how these artists look at a blank canvas and turn it into their final piece. I am in awe at the artistry and creativity yet puzzled trying to understand the meaning. That being said, these are a few of the pieces that have stuck out to me the most in my browsing. Maybe someday down the line I’ll be able to articulate why they stuck out or be able to form some intelligent opinion, but for now I can say they speak to me in some way.  I suppose at the end of the day that says enough.

 minted/1 – anywhere with you / 2 – elephant / 3 – amsterdam street / 4 – feathers / 5 – buffalo / 6 – brooklyn bridge / 7 – ampersand /

The Beginning of Home

We officially own our first home.  The past few months have been a whirlwind. We had been following the market and doing our own independent research on surrounding areas, mortgages, and all the not so fun but crucial pieces to buying your first home for quite some time, but once we began working with an agent it seemed we found our perfect home in a snap.  Not to say we jumped, we had our specifications ready – we knew our requirements and we had a wish list of the ‘nice-to-haves’. As fate would have it a house came on in one of the best neighborhoods in town with not only all the requirements but ALL of the wishes. Nevertheless, here we are today as I’m typing away in our office looking out into our yard.  I forgot what grass was like living in an apartment. I even forgot it grows until it dawned on us a week in that we needed a mower.

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What is Steampunk Decor?

antique books

Let’s start at the basics, steampunk is defined as

A subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on steam power of the 19th century and taking place in a recognizable historical period or a fantasy world.

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6 Ideas for your Chalk Paint Project

chalk paint

I’ll admit I am the worst DIYer at finishing one project before I start another.  Most times the reason I end up finishing one is because I have run out of space or I get the “Soo do you plan on moving this half painted, taken apart piece of furniture out from the middle of the living room any time soon?” from my boyfriend. My brain interprets that as “dear lord please finish one thing.” I definitely need the push.  Currently, spread out in this little apartment is an adorable little end table that has been stripped and is ready for painting and a disassembled barn door planks ready to be rebuilt yet I’m still scoping out my next plan of attack.  My brain has severe DIY ADD and while I love seeing a finished product I might love brainstorming my next project more. Alas, my friends, in my search of ideas for chalk paint I’ll tell you it is a very good thing I don’t own this apartment and can’t change the kitchen or bathroom or we would have much bigger in-process projects all at once.  Check out these 10 ideas for your chalk paint project to get those creative juices flowing – it isn’t just for furniture!

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