5 Ways to Declutter in 5 Minutes

Springtime comes spring cleaning, it’s time to shake off all that winter dust and start fresh.  There is something about that relieving moment when your home is perfectly clean and organized. Here are 5 easy ways to declutter in 5 minutes.


1. Use Trays

kitchen tray

Source: Jennifer Grey Interiors

In a perfect world, we all have that magazine picture perfect kitchen with everything put away and gleaming counters.  In the real world, we all have items that we use daily and stay out for easy reach.  Use a tray to group things together and they will immediately look neater.  This could be helpful in the bathroom, on a vanity, or to organize paperwork in the office.

2. Clean Out Those Books

I admit I used to be a paper junkie.  I love real in-your-hands books, none of this electronic stuff for me.  I have since converted to using a kindle the majority of the time but I still have books EVERYWHERE.  While old books are one of my favorite touches to decorate with, I have every book I’ve read in the past few years cluttering up my bookshelf. I certainly can’t part with my favorite books, but a good 75% have no special meaning to me.  Not only will getting rid of them free up some space (future bookshelf styling?) but they could go to much better use donated to the library or good will and passed on to the next eager reader.

3. Half Used Beauty Products

It seems that no matter how well current products are working I always want to try the next best thing.  Most of the time I’m not any more impressed with that deep conditioner than I was with my last. The perils of being a woman, I suppose. I have drawers filled with makeup I got for free and used once. BYE BYE. That shower gel pack you got as a gift 2 years ago and never touched? SAYONARA. Keep the daily products as well as those ones you use for special occasions, like when you go all out with that smokey eye makeup.

4. Use Baskets

I used to hate pushing through a bunch of boxes and bottles in the bathroom closet looking for the one thing I needed.  I bought a few matching baskets and now have one for medicines, one for washcloths, and one for cleaners.  Not only does the closet look neat when it is opened but it is much easier to find exactly what I need.

5. Pick Three Things In Your Closet You Don’t Wear

Now put them with the books in the donation pile.  This is a topic people don’t want to tackle – getting rid of clothes.  Instead of making this a huge undertaking that you keep putting off and attempting to go through every piece of clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. in your wardrobe, start with a small number first and challenge yourself to pick only that amount for now.  This gives you immediate satisfaction and I bet as you are choosing those pieces you will stumble upon something else you don’t wear.  If you do this periodically it doesn’t have to be a painful chore that takes forever and maybe you’ll get in the habit of pulling out a piece every so often to put in that donation bag.



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