6 Ideas for your Chalk Paint Project

chalk paint

I’ll admit I am the worst DIYer at finishing one project before I start another.  Most times the reason I end up finishing one is because I have run out of space or I get the “Soo do you plan on moving this half painted, taken apart piece of furniture out from the middle of […]

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How to Style Coffee Table Trays

how to style coffee table trays

Using trays or small baskets can really liven up an empty space on a coffee table or end table. They add an interesting element to the room and are the perfect way to showcase some of your favorite decor items. Here are some tips on how to style coffee table trays to bring together your […]

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IKEA Malm & Using Contact Paper

Living in an apartment, being smart about storage is key to being able to maintain a clean clutter free space. I went the atypical route in creating a space to get ready and chose to use a dresser instead of a vanity/desk and a cube seat that has more storage inside. This Ikea Malm dresser is the perfect […]

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How to Reuse Candle Jars

RIP favorite candles.  It’s a sad day when I light a candle and it immediately goes out when it hits the end of the wick.  It’s definitely a state of denial, when I light it deep down I know it’ll go out immediately but I want to pretend it’s not true.  But then reality hits […]

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Thrift Shopping Tips

thrift shopping

I was admiring this pair of lion bookends at a consignment store but left without them thinking I don’t need any more little decorative items.  What a joke that was.  I practically dreamt about them and woke up the next morning praying they were still there as I drove back. Alas, my friends, they are […]

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How to Add Rustic Decor

Antlers Can you get more rustic? One night my brother told me he found a freshly shed set in our yard. I immediately begged him to keep it for me in the garage until I came home next. I think he thought I was kidding. This is one of my favorite items to decorate with. […]

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